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Negro Leaguer of the Month Archives

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Hilton Smith

Sam Bankhead

Bobbie Robinson

Maceo Breedlove

Red Moore

Turkey Stearnes

Buck O'Neil

Toni Stone

Willie Foster

Submarine McDonald

Willie Wells

Showboat Thomas

Bingo DeMoss

Ernest Westfield

Norman Lumpkin

Verdell Mathis

Jimmie Crutchfield

Willard Brown

Mule Suttles

Pop Lloyd

Max Manning

Terris McDuffie

Buck Ewing

Jose' Mendez

Dave Malarcher

Ducky Davenport

Pete Hill

Quincy Trouppe

Jim McCurine

Ray Dandridge

Alec Radcliffe

Porter Moss

Larry Brown

Chet Brewer

Homerun Johnson

Groundhog Thompson

Judy Johnson

Saul Davis

Sherwood Brewer

Ray Brown

Barney Morris

Sunny Jim Echols

Luis Tiant, Sr.

Josh Johnson

Dave "Lefty" Brown

Frank Duncan

Cristobel Torriente

Artie Wilson

Ernest Burke

Wiiliam Haygood

Goose Tatum

Lester Lockett

Double Duty Radcliffe

Will Owens

John Donaldson

Ted Strong

Ed Stone

Ross "Satchel" Davis

Connie Johnson

Buck Leonard

Lyman Bostock, Sr

Walter Ball

Leon Day

Rube Foster

Wild Bill Wright

Dave Hoskins

Jerry Benjamin

Pops Coleman

Steel Arm Davis

George Giles

Bill Perkins

Booker McDaniels

Biz Mackey

Oliver Marcelle

George Scales

Jud Wilson

Leroy Matlock

Tex Burnett

John Beckwith

Rabbit Martinez

Hewitte Burton

Sy Simmons

Roosevelt Davis

Jonas Gaines


Josh Gibson

Red Haley
Pancho Coimbre
Gentry Jessup
T.J. Young
Sam Jones

Chappie Johnson
Wilmer Fields
Chin Evans

Jake Stephens

Rafael Noble

Bubba Hyde

Crush Holloway

Prince Joe Henry

Peanuts Davis

Verdes Drake

George Crowe

Minnie Miñoso

Jack Matchett

Louis Clarizio

Ray Neil

Pullman Porter

Jesse Douglas

Ed Steele

George Wilson

Ed Wesley

Frazier Robinson



Willie Mays

Bee Bop Gordon

Frank Austin






Gene Baker

Maurice Peatros

Big Bob Griffith

Ike Jackson

Steel Arm Dickey

Willie Grace


Nap Gulley


Harry Salmon

Ted Page

Pee Wee Butts

Sug Cornelius

Pancho Herrera

Dan Bankhead

Lloyd "Pepper" Bassett

Pistol Pete Albright

Fats Jenkins

Dick Lundy

Hurley McNair

Piggy Sands

Newt Joseph

Henry McHenry

Quincy Barbaree

Robert Abernathy

Dan Wilson

Bob Herron

Chico Renfroe

Herb Barnhill

Spoon Carter

Rufus Ligon

Jim Newberry

Willie Wells, Jr.

Rainy Bibbs

Jack Marshall

Alvin Spearman

Thad Christopher

Chaney White

Plunk Drake

Chippy Britt

Ted Richardson

Bill Greason

Schoolboy Tugerson

Clarence Lytle


Bill Holland

Howard Easterling

Doc Dennis

Marlin Carter

Dirk Gibbons

Hooks Foreman

Cecil Kaiser

Dink Mothell

Highpockets Turner

Clyde Parris

Lefty Lamarque

Fred Wilson

Lefty Bryant

Rap Dixon

Goose Curry

Armando Vasquez

Nat Rogers

Scrip Lee

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